Line of Saturn          

Fate line

The line of Saturn is the fourth Main line which receives the Current, and is frequently called the "line of Fate". Upon first thought, it may not be apparent why fatality, good or bad, has been ascribed to this line, but the claim is justified in various ways. The line of Saturn rises at the base of the hand and runs upward towards the finger; and, according to our hypothesis, the Current which passes into it does so on its return from the brain where it has been sent from the end of the Life line. The line of Saturn thus reads from the bottom upward. According to the scale of age the period of childhood is the extreme lower part of the line, and old age is recorded by it on the Mount of Saturn. From the line of Saturn health difficulties are not read, nor is anything shown concerning the general make-up or constitution of a subject such as is indicated in other lines that we have considered.
It does indicate the course of the subject through life from a standpoint of material success, and shows whether they must make their own way, whether he will have a hard time, or whether things will apparently come easy to them. It will also locate his most productive periods. This is what the older palmist had in mind when they named the line of Saturn "Fate or Destiny", as it is generally taken for granted that one whose life runs smoothly must have luck in their favor. In these cases it has not always been remembered that such a subject may have had every qualification which would enable them to merit success, and that they have achieved it because they have worked, and because success has been deserved. Combined with a good line of Saturn, there may be health, brains, determination, ambition, and similar qualities, and in that case the presence of these qualities accounts for the good line of Saturn, which consequently that the subject will get through the world comfortably and successfully. A combination of such forces as the above, if wisely and faithfully used, produces so called luck, and most of the persons who are pointed out as particularly fortunate, or lucky, attribute their success primarily to brains, health, energy, ambition, and kindred allies, and not to blind chance, luck, or fate. There is, however some magic glamour around the words "fate" and "luck", which seems to speak of results achieved without effort, and this has always been the goal toward which the eyes of lazy folk are turned. Such people are ever ready to account for their failures by saying "Others are lucky, I am not", but this should be followed by the further explanation that most often the "lucky" subject is a worker and the "unlucky" one is not. Day dreamers expect luck to reach down and touch them with a magic wand. Those show are called lucky say that the magic wand is industry. In many cases luck consists in having the foresight to seize opportunities. "Unlucky" persons tell of chances they have passes, and console themselves by saying that luck was not on their side. In the majority of cases, it would be more proper to say that foresight and perseverance were not. This much moralizing I beg to introduce here, because I wish it distinctly understood that I do not believe in blind fate or chance.

The line of Saturn is a wonderful line, its revelations are accurate and important, but we shall find causes for all the effects we see upon it. On every line of Saturn, we note periods when everything is propitious for the subject. These are the harvest periods of his life. At such times we find good health, the presence of mental powers such as discernment, will, ambition, and various good companions which he may turn to his account, or which he may leave unused. During these periods, life is easier for the subject. They are well and in possession of his full powers. They work with less effort, and, in superstitious parlance, they are "lucky" and "fate" is one their side. Many persons take advantage of these periods of greatest possibilities and "make hay while the sun shines". Others pass such times in enjoyment and laziness, confident that "luck is with them", and will never leave. When the posers begin to wane luck is not so constant in attendance; it takes more effort to accomplish the same results, and finally all kinds of effort to accomplish the same results, and finally all kinds of effort fail to produce anything considerable. At this time the cry is raised, "luck has gone:. The truth is that the subject has passed his harvest period and has slept their golden moments away. The opportunities placed before them have not been seized; they have taken their pleasure during the time when they should have worked hardest, and by the law of compensation they must toil to make up for it. "You cannot eat your cake and have it too"; you cannot waste your harvest days and be "lucky". A person who has worked through his productive time may rest when powers fail. The laws of cause and effect are present in the line of Saturn, or Fate, as everywhere else. It is only after much observation of this line that it is possible to state what actually be told from it. The superficiality which has been shown in its treatment has served principally to disgust sensible persons.
The line of Saturn, when strong, emphasizes the Saturnian traits, especially if the line be deep on the Mount, and these traits are wisdom, soberness, and the faculty of seeing life from its serious side. The fact that these balancing qualities are present in some degree with a good line may account for the success in old age which comes to one with a strong line on the Mount. Saturnian traits are energy and frugality, as well as studiousness and the ability to thing, and these qualities will do much to make a life successful. The Saturnian has a penchant for explorations in the earth, and has from this natural love been led to discovering gold, silver, coal, and other mine treasures. He has found gas and oil wells, and thus, through following his natural inclinations, "fate" has been said to be with him, and the Saturnian has for these reasons been called the "child of fate". The greatest part that fate or luck plays with humanity is to give one person more brains and a better type than another, and this has been sometimes called the "accident of birth". In these cases the subject will also have the best Saturn line. The Apollonian and Venusian, or a good Jupiterian or Mercurian, are much greater examples to my mind of a kind fate than is the Saturnian.


The line of Saturn is not found in every hand. Older palmists gave to a hand with a Saturn line the interpretation of a "negative existence". Observation will show that the line is absent in the hands of many successful people, and in other prosperous subjects it is present only in rudimentary form. These persons have not led negative lives, so this interpretation cannot be correct. In a great many cases of this kind coming under my observation, I have found that the subjects are what are commonly called "self made men", that they began life in humble positions, and only by dint of energy and application have they made their way in the world These "self made: people are not always brilliant to start with, but they have determination and very and will educate themselves, even it it must be done at night after the day's work is over, and they will not fail to seize every opportunity for progress. They seem to feel the everything depends upon their own efforts and no amount of labor is allowed to stand between them and ultimate success.
They are the kind of men who can "carry the message to Garcia". As the result of my observation, I read hands in which no Saturn line is seen as belonging to a subject who must depend upon himself entirely; who should not trust to luck or fortunate circumstances, but if he would accomplish much in the work, it must be the result of his own efforts.

The line of Saturn may start from one of may places. These are always at the base of the hand (344) but may be any pont between the end of the Life line and the Mount of Moon. Sometimes the line rises inside the Life line, and sometimes as high as the upper Mount of Moon. The course of the Saturn line is always toward the Mount of Saturn, sometimes reaching the Mount, and sometimes falling far short. It always runs through the center of the palm. When the Saturn line rises inside the Life line and runs on to the Mount of Saturn (345) it indicates that the subject will have material success in life, and that near relatives will assist him greatly.
- When the line rises from the center of the palm (346) and runs into the Mount of Saturn, the subject will achieve success in life largely by his own efforts.





- When the line rises from the Mount of Moon and runs on to the Mount of Saturn (347) the subject's success in life will be materially assisted by one of the opposite sex. This may either be by good advice or by rendering financial aid. I have noted this marking on many hands where the wives have been of great assistance in the career of the subject. In most instances the sources of the line will be in one of these three positions, all other beginnings being a modification of one or the other of them, and all readings should be modified in proportion as the source of the line is from these modifies in proportion as the source of the line is from these three pronounced centers

- Sometimes the line does not rise low in the hand, but starts higher up (348). In this case the subject will have a more negative existence for the first part of the life, as this point is the time when he is so young that he can accomplish little by his own efforts, and such a beginning to the line indicates that he was not born with a "silver spoon in his mouth". His best period will begin at the time the line stars, for while the absence of the line does not show that influences are at work to prevent the advancement of the subject, the presence of a good line does show that some especial advantages are present during its existence.
- The absence of the line shows that constant effort is needed, while a good line will show that during its best period of formation the greatest efforts should be exerted if the largest results possible are to be achieved. The higher in the hand the line starts, the later in life will be the period of easiest sailing.
Whenever a deficiency is noted in the Saturn line you will find an explanation in some of the other lines or signs. With the line absent at the beginning, it may be found that the Life line will show great delicacy for the same period of years that is covered by the absence of the Saturn line (349). Thus you will know that the subject did little during the earlier years because he was delicate. As the Saturn line begins at the time this delicacy ends on the Life line, he will at that time begin a period which he may make productive.
- If the Life line be thin when it begins to recover, and grows thicker as it progresses, and if the Saturn line does the same, the subject will continue to do better in a business way as his strength increases. It will be noted that it is necessary to read the beginning of the Saturn line from the bottom and the Life line from the top.
- If with the line rising late we find a defective Head line at the start (350) the subject will have his start in life impeded by weakness, and the Saturn line will not grow good until the head line does.
- If the Head line be weak at the start, and as soon as it recovers the heart line become weak at the start, and as soon as it recovers the Heart line become weak, the Life line being thin all of this time (351), the career of the subject will be hindered first by head trouble, and then by heart weakness, and he does not begin to do his best until these have passes away.
- If the line begins high in the hand and the lines of Head or Heart are not defective, you must look for health defects in other parts of the hand, on lines and Mounts, and somewhere you will discover the cause of the absence of the Saturn line.

Use both hands with the Saturn line.
- If the line begins low in the left hand and rise high in the right, you will know that the natural course of the line was favorable, but as it shows its defects in the right hand, something has occurred to alter the original plan. This may be health, laziness, or influences from family, friends, or outsiders, and in as much as we do not believe that mere chance has produced the alteration we must look somewhere for the unfavorable condition which has prevented the rising of the Saturn line low in the right hand. The absence of a Saturn line where it should normally begin will often be explained by some accident to the parents. As this early period of the line covers the childhood of the subject, it will not be through his own fault that the start in life is not as good as it should be.


- If a line of Saturn rises high in the hand, and a line of parental influence on the Mount of Venus ends in a star early in the line (352), the death of a parent has prevented a good start in the life of the subject. Remember all indications on the Saturn line refer to financial affairs.


Deep line corresponds to Fine Qualities leading to Great Success
If the line be not so deep as the other lines on the hand, the indications peculiar to the line are not in their proper proportions and will not be as strong as if all the lines were in balance. If the line be very deep and clear cut (353), the subject will be found to have exceptionally fine qualities, with a proper use of which he should be enabled to achieve great success. If this deep line extends up onto the Mount of Saturn, these favorable conditions will continue during the entire life. If the line be short, they will be present only during the length of the line, the age to be read from the line. If this deepness of the line be early in life, the subject will have his best period during childhood (354). This is an unfortunate marking, for at this age the subject is seldom old enough to take advantage of opportunities. The deep line of Saturn is the most favorable line to possess.



Thin = Unfavorable natural advantages
A thin line (355) will show that the subject has much in his favor in the way of natural advantages, and while he will have to exert himself more to bring forth great results than a subject with a deep line, he will still have an easier time to succeed than one with a defective line or with no line at all.

Broad and shallow = Continual struggles
A broad and shallow line (356) indicates a condition little better than no line at all, and if the Saturn line alone be of such a character, while the other lines are will marked, the subject will have continual struggles.

Chained = Obstructions
A chained line of Saturn indicates that the career will be a hard one. If the line be chained, during its entire length, the subject will have continuous obstructions and the life will be a labored one, full of disappointments (357) . If chained only part of the way, the difficulties will last during this condition.

Color, being an indication of the strength and condition of the Blood
Color, being an indication of the strength and condition of the Blood Current, does not effect the line of Saturn, as it does other lines, for this line is in no manner an index of the health or the disease of the subject, and thus the line of Saturn will be the first line to which it is unnecessary to apply the color test.


All defects in the Saturn line are important, for they show how many and what kind of impediments will occur in the subject's life, how serious they will be, and as the cause producing most of these checks can be located in various parts of the hand it is quite possible to remedy or avoid a good many of them. All defects found in the beginning of the line refer to the childhood of the subject, and during this period the child is too young to do much by himself, either toward improving or hindering his condition. Consequently, all defects or impediments to childhood are either the result of ill-health, or come from paternal influences, both of which are beyond the power of the child to control. The death of parents, their financial difficulty occurring at this time, or estrangements which may occur between the parents, are all possibilities and are all causes which will check the prosperous career of a child, whose start in life may thus be impeded by these conditions. So, when we see a Saturn line defective at the start, but growing deep and well cut (358), we know that, whatever the cause of the trouble at the beginning, it has been overcome. Such a line shows wither that the improved condition arises form the removal of the causes which were operating against the subject, or that he has himself risen superior to the obstacles. It makes no difference as to the character of the defect which appears in the beginning of a Saturn line, the general rule is the same. It indicates an impediments to the early years of the subject. If a short Influence line on the Mount of Venus ends in a star, and the Saturn line be chained at the beginning, the death of a parent has clouded the early career of the subject (359). The age at which this parent died can be read from the distance the star reaches on the Life line. The date at which the improvement in the affairs of the subject occurred can be read form the line of Saturn.



- If a short line of Influence ends in a star and a Worry line runs from it and cuts a rising branch on the Life line ending in an island on the line of Head (360), the death of a parent has brought on a check to the upward course of the subject's life which has affects his mental strength, and thus checked and retarded his career. (The Saturn line appears broken/chained).

Islands in the Saturn line (361) have very generally received the interpretation of a check to the career, arising from the marital infidelity or moral depravity of the subject. it was recognized by older palmists that islands always indicated trouble, and as the above reading of immorality originated in land where virtue among women was rarer than in this country, it was seen on the hands of many women who had bad reputations and ruined and checkered careers. these women being known to be profligate, this interpretation of immorality was given the island in the line of Saturn. This indication has caused much discussion among palmists, and much confusion and error among practitioners. After careful study of the subject, I can say that an island in the Saturn line indicates a period of financial difficulty, lasting the length of the island, and that the marking is not per se and indication of infidelity. This conclusion has been reached after the examination of hundreds of hands having such a marking, in which financial trouble or losses have been completely verified, and only a few cases of infidelity were found accompanying it. In these latter cases I am sure that the infidelity caused the financial trouble.


- An island, if found at the beginning of the Saturn line, could not indicate infidelity of the subject, for he is then too young to make such a thing possible. Financial difficulty might be present in his life through a difficulty of his parents. If such be the case, Worry lines will often be seen running from Influence lines on the Mount of Venus, to the island in Saturn line (362).
- If the Life line be defective at the beginning, either broad and shallow, chained, islanded, split or broken, and it this continues past the period covered by the delicacy of childhood usually seen in this line, and if an island be also seen in the beginning of the Saturn line, the prolonged delicacy of the subject's health will cause difficulty in early life, and will last until the Saturn line grows better (363).
- If the Head line be defective early in its course, with an island at the beginning of the line of Saturn (364), poor mentality will be the impediment which is causing the check to the career of the subject. In these cases of ill health the Life line and other parts of the hand will be weak in sympathy.




- If a short Influence line on the Mount of Venus ends with a star, with an island in the line of saturn at its beginning, the death of a parent will cause financial difficulty during early life (365). This indication is intensified if Worry lines run to the island from this star.
- If Worry lines run from Influence lines on Mount of Venus to an island at the beginning of the Saturn line, constant annoyances in the early life of the subject bring about a check to his career (366). This shows quite plainly for these Worry lines cut the Life line and point to the effect they produce by the island on the Saturn line. With all islands at the beginning of the Saturn line, there is an explanation somewhere in the hand as to the cause which produces them These is no element of chance in this indication other than health or heredity, and the cause can be found if you apply diligence and good reasoning. When an island in this location is seen, go over every line in the hand and hunt for defects. Go over the Influence lines on Mount of Venus to discover what part relatives may play; look to the Mounts for health defects of all the types, and for chance lines pointing from these defects to the island. In this way the cause of trouble can be found.


Cross-bars cutting the Saturn line (367) are obstructions to the career of the subject.
Each one of the bars is a separate obstruction, and by noting the depth of each you can tell how serious it is.
- If only faint lines which do not cut through the Saturn line but pass over it, they indicate continual annoying interferences and impediments. If they cut the line in two, they are serious checks which threaten to destroy the success of the subject. The age at which each of interferences occurs can be read from the Saturn line, their seriousness by the depth of the cutting line, their cause from other lines and signs, and their outcome by the termination of the Saturn line.
- Breaks in the line (368) are most serious. At the time they occur some force has been sufficiently strong to check to career entirely, and if the line takes a new character, starts in a new direction, or does not start at all, these breaks indicate an entire change in the course of a subject's life work. If the Saturn line be repeatedly broken it indicates a continual number of reverses, and the subject will have a laborious and troubled life. Each break indicates a different misfortune, and is more or less serious as the break is wide or is repaired. The age of each break can be read from the Saturn line.
- If the line be broken in many places but is repaired (369), the subject after numerous disappointments will fight his way eventually to success. If will be a continual fight, however, and such a subject will require great will power to carry them along. With breaks in the Saturn line both hands should always be examined, for from them you will read whether all of the impediments in the line are a part of the natural plan or are the result of acquired habits, mistakes of calculation, ill health, or other causes. In a large majority of cases, the Saturn line is much better in the left than in the right hand, showing that a great many of our trial are brought on by ourselves.
- If a line of Saturn be uneven (370), alternately deep and thin in character, the subject will have intermittent period of prosperity, and one with such a line must use continual watchfulness in order that, during the periods indicated by the thinness of the line, all which was gained while the line was deep may not be lost. This line indicates an unreliable and varying state of affairs.


- If the line of Saturn be wavy (371), it indicates the subject will follow a constantly changing course. If, in addition to its wavy course, this line be uneven or defective in other ways, the subject will have increased difficulty in his journey through life.
- If a line of Saturn begins deep at the base, and runs to the line of head and there stops (372), the career of the subject will be favorable up to thirty, when errors of judgment will interfere, and from that time he will have a harder time to get along; they must rely entirely upon effort, not chance, and do the best he can to force his way. Their period of greatest production has passed.
After the age at which a line of Saturn stops, the subject will have to exert great effort in order to accomplish much, as it is during the life of the line that he must achieve the greater part of his result.

Many Saturn lines will be seen which have little fine lines rising from them, or falling in a downward direction (373). Rising lines will indicate the upward tendency of the life, and will add strength to the line on which they are seen. During whatever portion of the line these branches appear, that part of the line will be filled with hope and ambition and will be more successful than any other period. During the Time when downward branches are seen, the life will be harder, more filled with discouragements, and progress will be difficult. The appearance of these upward and downward branches I have found to follow the health of the subject closely. When upward branches are seen, the physical powers will be found good. With downward branches on the Saturn line and an island in the Life line, the unfavorable condition of the Saturn line is to be accounted for by delicacy of health (374).


- If downward branches be seen, with an island in the Head line or Heart line at the same age, the difficulty will be brain or heart disease, according to which line shows the marking (375).
If rheumatic indications be seen on Saturn and Middle Mount of Moon and downward branches are on the Saturn line, the difficulty will be rheumatism, or maybe gout (376). The Life line will generally be defective during the same period. In every case the difficulty during the period indicated by these downward branches can be accounted for by defects seen in some other part of the hand. The downward branches are the warning to look for trouble, and the task of the palmist must be to find out what will cause it.
Upward branches on the Saturn line, being favorable, do not need this care, for during favorable times people get along well enough; it is the periods of trouble that need to be guarded against.





There is one marking of the upward branches, however, which is useful. With upward branches from the Saturn line, if Worry lines from Mount of Venus cut the Life line and in turn cut these upward branches, the course of the subject, which is upward, will be constantly interfered with (377). While these inferences may not be able to destroy the effect of his favorable period, they will materially hamper and annoy him.
In many hands Worry lines from the Mount of Venus, lines from the Mount of Moon, and chance lines from all parts of the hand will be found crossing and joining themselves to the line of Saturn (378). This is particularly the case with nervous persons, who have much lined and rayed hands. Each one of these events, person, illnesses, or whatever may be the interpretation of the several lines, will in some way affect the career of the subject. Some of these will be a positive detriment, other will strengthen and aid in the advancement of the subject.
As a general proposition, all lines which cut the Saturn line weaken it, and impede the progress of the subject at the age indicated by the cut (379). And all lines which merge into or run alongside the line strengthen it. These lines will rise from all parts of the hand, and will represent different factors which are a detriment and a check to the subject's progress, or which aid him. In all cases, the place from which these lines start will give you the clew to the influence.




- If a chance line from a star of Mount of Jupiter cuts the Saturn line, the subject will suffer a severe check from too much ambition. His endeavor to know distinguished people will lead him to do foolish things which injure his prospects (380).
- If this chance line runs to an island in the Saturn line, his ambition to move in the front rank will cause him to be extravagant, and financial difficulties will result (381).
- If with a bad Mercurian hand, grilled Mount, twisted finger, and large third phalanx of Mercury, a chance line from the Mount of Mercury cuts the Saturn line, the dishonesty of the subject will bring him to grief (382). In these cases the type of your subject will aid you greatly, and the end of the Saturn line will give you the outcome of the cutting.





- If a line of Saturn be cut by a line running from an Influence line on Mount of Venus, and the Saturn line be broken for the rest of its course, and influence will cause a serious disaster (383). If you correctly judge the Influence line from which this cutting line stars to be the wife or husband, and if from it chance line runs to Mount of Jupiter, the ambitions of the wife or husband has led the subject to extravagances which he could not afford, and if the Saturn line be defective for the balance of its course he will never recover form the reverses (384).
- If the Saturn line be cut by Worry lines from the Life line which is defective, ill health will be a bar to the prospects of the subject, and if the Saturn line be defective after the cut, the subject will never be able to get over it (385). The combinations of these cutting chance lines are infinite; in some hands several will be see, each one of which indicates a check form a different source, In these cases every cutting line is an object of special inquiry.






Many chance lines run toward the Saturn line but do not touch it (386). These lines are events or influences, according to their source, but are abortive attempts to influence the career, and, while they exist as possible menaces, for the lines may grow until they cut the Saturn line, they are not immediate dangers. Some chance lines merge into the Saturn line (387). These lines represent events or influences which have come into and become a part of the life of the subject, but as they do not cut the line the career is not checked.
- If the Saturn line be thin or defective in any way, and these influencing lines are deep and strong, they will add to the prosperity of the subject and assist to overcome his difficulties.







- If, in the beginning, a Saturn line be chained or otherwise defective, and a chance line merges into it, after which it becomes deep, the influence which has come into the life has improved the subject's condition. If this chance line comes from the Mount of Moon it will be some outside influence (388), if it comes from Mount of Venus it will be the influence of close relatives (389). At whatever point these chance lines merge into the Saturn line, the good effect of the influence will be exerted at the age indicated, and the subsequent condition of the Saturn line will show how much strength the influence has given.
- If a Saturn line, defective at the start, has a chance line merging into it, and if the Saturn line becomes only thin afterwards, or not quite so defective, the influence has not been very beneficial.
- If the Saturn line becomes deep, the benefit has been great. Other chance lines which do not touch the Saturn line, but run alongside of it (390), are lines exerting a strong influence on the subject's career, for by helping and supporting they act as sister lines. By the place from which these lines start you can judge what they are, and by the effect they have on the Saturn line you can tell how much good they do.
- If a Saturn line be broken, and a chance line from the head line line run alongside of it, the subject's good judgment will come to his relief and will carry him over his difficulty (391). In all cases where defects in the line are seen, look first for their cause and then to the repair indications.




- If a defective Saturn line has a chance line from a smooth and good Upper Mars running by its side, the resistance of the Mount will not permit discouragements to overthrow the subject, and this determination will save him from trouble (392).
In most hands there are two places where the Saturn line shows the greatest number of defects. The first is at the start of the line, which period covers events brought into the child's life by his parents, and which show the manner in which he is started in life. If the Saturn line at this period be deep and strong, he will have little difficulty in getting started in life. If is a noticeable fact that those subjects who have the best kind of a start often fall into trouble later on, because, never having experienced it, they do not know how to act under adversity and how to take its consequent hard knocks. There seems to be a given amount of experience necessary to each individual, and if he does not receive this at one time he does at another. Those hands on which the Saturn line is defective at the start generally improve, for the subject having adversity when young, early learns to avoid the dangers that beset him and becomes able to do for himself.
The second period which is so often filled with difficulties is from thirty to forty-five, in most hands filling the period or space between the head and Heart Lines. This is the critical time in most business careers, and is the formative financial period in life. In most hands before this age the subject has been cared for and guided by parents or relative. As the time approaches when these aids are no longer so closely depended upon, the subject begins to be guided by his own ideas. If these be good, he gets along all right, but if he believes that the experience of others will not apply to him, he will have disappointments, and will have to "pay for his experience". During the period of life indicated by the space between the head and Heart lines, sometimes beginning earlier than this, the greatest number of defects are generally seen in the Saturn line. Between childhood and the age of twenty-five, most Saturn line are deep. It is most interesting to note the number of hands in which the line is defective at thirty to forty-five (393). It often becomes good afterwards, and often no line is seen after forty-five. All of the defects seen during thirty to forty five years are disastrous in proportion as they are destructive to the line of Saturn, and must be so estimated.
Often the line gets thin as it approaches the Head line, and often the breaks and defects come into a deep strong line.
When the entire space between the Head and Heart lines is filled with an island, there will be continuous financial difficulty during all of these years (394). If during this period the line be wavy, the career at this time will be variable (395). If in this portion of the line a break should be repaired by a square, one side of which continues, the subject will have a serious reverse at the age indicated, but will be able to get through it (396).
- If the Saturn lines between Head and Heart line be covered with crosses, the subject will have repeated reverses which he will withstand it the continues after this period, but which will overcome him if it does not (397).





If this portion of the Saturn line be cut with cross-bars, the subject will meet with obstacles to his career (398). If the line cuts through these bars and severs them, the subject will overcome the difficulties; but if these bars cut the Saturn line he will have great difficulty in doing so.
- If this portion of the Saturn line be cut by chance lines from the head line, the difficulties will arise from errors of judgment (399).
- If the Saturn line during this period be cut by chance lines from the Heart line, the subjects permits his affections to get the better of him, and sentiment in business is disastrous (400).






- If the Life line be defective, and chance lines from it cut the Saturn line at the period between thirty to forty five, ill health has obstructed the career during the financial formative period (401).
- If an Influence line on Mount of Venus ends in a star, and a Worry line from it cuts the Saturn line between the lines of head and Life, the death of a relative will obstruct the career at this period (402).
- If this Worry line cuts a rising line from the Life line, the death of a relative will bring on a check to the upward career of the subject (403).

It must be understood that defects in any part of the line must be read at the age they occur. All lines do not show all of their defects in childhood or the formative period. I emphasize these two periods because they are most frequently found defective, but the indications given for those parts of the line apply to any defective period, and all supports of strengthening influences act equally well upon any portion of the line.

It has been customary to read any line rising at the base of the hand and running to the various Mounts as a Saturn line, with success coming from the attributes of the mount on which in terminates. The Saturn line cannot end on any Mount but Saturn, with the one exception that it may run to Jupiter.




- If the Saturn line runs through its usual course in the center of the hand and ends on the Mount of Jupiter, the success of the subject will be the result of great ambition (404).
- If the Saturn line be deep and rises from inside the Life line ending on the Mount of Jupiter, the influence of relatives and great ambition unite to make the career of the subject a success (405).
- If the Saturn line rises inside the Life line runs deep for a while and then becomes defective, the assistance of relative and ambition help for a while, but do not bring ultimate success (406). At the point where the ill success begins, look for a cause. This may be ill health, loss of mental power, unhappy environment, or some special disease.






- If such a Saturn line be seen, and a Worry line, cutting a rising line from the Life line, crosses the hand and cuts a forked line of Affection, an unhappy marriage has injured the prospects of the subject (407). In the same manner the death of a relative, outside influences, ill health, will be shown by chance lines running from the cause of the trouble and cutting the Saturn line. Sometimes bad defects are seen, but chance lines do not connect them with the Saturn line. These defects are, however, the cause of the trouble.
- If a Saturn line rises on the Mount of the Moon and runs deep and strong to the Mount of Jupiter, the influence of one of the opposite sex together with the great ambition of the subject cause his prosperity (408).
- If the confirmations of marriage be present, the influence will be husband or wife. If a Saturn line running in this manner be defective in any part, the combination of influences has not been sufficient to prevent trouble.
- When a line rises at the base of the hand and runs to the Mount of Apollo or Mercury, I regard it as the line belonging to the Mount toward which it runs, and not the Saturn line. A line running toward Upper Mars is also likely to be the Mercury line, consequently in practice it is best to consider as a line of Saturn, only lines which run through the center of the hand. If such lines are then deflected toward the Mounts, it is proper to read them as Saturn lines, strongly influenced by the Mount to which they run (409).




- If such a Saturn line ends on Upper Mars, the subject will achieve success from his leadership, power of resistance, and because he does not become discouraged (410). All of these indications will be accented if the Mounts be large and well developed.
- If the Saturn line runs in its usual course, but a line branches from it to Mount of jupiter, the subject's success will be largely due to ambition and ability to command men and obtain support. Such a line is a fine one for a politician (411).
- If a Saturn line which runs to the Mount of Saturn has a branch rising to the Mount of Apollo, the subject will win success in art, business, or as an actor, according to which phalanx of the Apollo finger rules (412). If a Saturn line has one branch rising to Jupiter, and one to Apollo, the subject will have an assured future of wealth and fame, for ambition and the Jupiterian attributes, the wisdom of Saturn, with brilliancy, art, and business from Apollo, are all united to assist him to a rich harvest (413). This is the most favorable combination possible.




- If the Saturn line has a branch rising to Mercury, the subject will have the assistance of shrewdness, business ability, good power of expression, and a scientific turn of mind to assist in his success (414).
- If a Saturn line has a branch rising and joining but not cutting the Head line, the subject will have the assistance of a good head in the shaping of his career (415).


The termination of the line will show the outcome of the career. In a large number of hands the line does not reach the Mount of Saturn but ends somewhere below it. Indicating as it does the periods of productive capacity, it is not strange that it should be absent in old age, for at this time disease or delicacy generally makes the career negative. The presence of a Mount without a line shows at least that no forces are working against the subject, and if the line be good in its early course it shows that a
productive life is behind him, and it will be found that he is enjoying in old age the result of his early labor. On some Mounts a deep line is seen, and this is a strong indication of well-to-do old age. In any event the point at which the line ceases, be it in youth or old age, terminates our work with it, except that we can say to those whose line has stopped and no other has taken its place, that the future is as they make it. If a deep line runs only for twenty years, the subject can be promised a productive period only during that time; the period after it, is as he makes it by effort. If the line runs deep for part of the way and terminates in a wavy line (416), the career during the latter years will be uncertain, and there will be worries is old age.
So these defective termination on the Mount may not mean poverty or money losses in old age, but they may mean financial checks to the career from disappointments in children, or similar troubles. I mention this in order to worn against reading defective terminations as necessarily meaning poverty when the Saturn line has previously been deep for its entire course. Breaks in the line, bars cutting it, crosses or dots following a hitherto deep line, will, indicate trials and crosses in old age.
- If the Saturn line breaks on the Mount, and the Life, Head, and Heart lines be defective at the same age, ill health in old age will render that last days ones of trouble (417).
- If the Saturn line ends in an island and downward branches be seen on the Life line with a ling tassel, financial difficulties due to ill health will cloud the last days of the subject (418).





- If the line be crossed by bars which cut it on the Mount, the subject will suffer losses and trials in old age (419). If the bars be faint and do not cut the line they are troubles and worries.
- If the line has crosses on the Mount, great trials and misfortunes will harass the latter years of the subject (420).
All of these terminations apply to the line ON the Mount of Saturn, and have their various indications in old age. If the line terminate in these signs at any age the reading will be the same, except that it apples to the age indicated on the line at the time at which it occurs. If the line be defective during its entire course and terminates in any of these signs, the indication will be worse than when these markings terminate a deep line, for in the first instance the subject will not have a prosperous life behind him,
during which he might have provided for old age.
Figure 421 gives various examples of such defective lines.
We have no followed the Saturn line from babyhood to extreme old age, and have seen how it records success and failure, as well as the causes which have produced them. it is poor consolation for one to look back upon a life of meager fruitage and say, "If I have only known the productive periods, the end might have been different". this often repeated exclamation is sadly true, for in only few lives are productive periods taken advantage of in their fullest measure. If by a careful application of the rules laid down in this chapter you are enabled to help struggling humanity to make use of the harvest portion of their lives, and thus provide for the days when vital forces wane, and labor can no longer be down, you will have wasted no time which has been spent in a study of the line of Saturn.

The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading- A practical Treatise on the Art Commonly called Palmistry 1946 Benham, William. Printed and published by R. J. Taraporevala for D. B. Tarporevala Sons & Co. Bombay