Malus asiatica. 花红 Huā hóng- "Flower red"  Crabapple   Family: Roseaceae      
Nature- neutral    FLAVOR:  Sour-sweet     CHANNEL:  Heart, Liver, Lung
1. Quench thirst.[1,2] Transform Qi stagnation, constrict seminal ejaculation.[1] Obstructive.[2]
1. Diabetes, diarrhea, seminal emission.[1,2]
CONTRAINDICATIONS: Excessive consumption could cause sleepiness and weakened JING LUO.[1] Crabapples are obstructive and therefore not recommended for people with constipation.[2]
PREPARATIONS: Boil or raw or fresh juice.[1]

-Watery diarrhea- Boil 10 partially ripe fresh crabapples in an adequate amount of water until the water is reduced by half. Drink the soup and eat the crabapples first thing in the morning.[2]
- Diarrhea in children- Crush 15-30 g fresh crabapples; squeeze out the juice. djrink 3 times a day.[2]
- Cure seminal emission and premature ejaculation- Fry 30 g dried crabapples until yellowish; boil crabapples in water. Eat them at bedtime.[2]

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1. by Łukasz Szczurowski CC BY-SA 3.0
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